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Computing Schedule Programme

City Department of Education **********
Municipal educational institution

Approved by decision
Pedagogical Council
President of the FS

Additional general education
additional generalizing programme
"Computer schedule and design."

from 11 to 14 years
2 years

Vassileva Svetlan Vyacheslavna
Teacher of supplementary education
Oh, my God.

g. Jaroslavl 2011

Explanatory note
Direction of supplementary education programmeSupplementary education programme The computer schedule has a scientific and technical focus, i.e., information technology experience and is designed for middle-aged children, which involves the development of skills with modern information technology packages.
RelevanceThe programme ' s relevance is that it enables trainees to develop graphic editors as an expression tool and focuses not only on the study of editors ' working tools, but on the integrated use of different technologies in the performance of the work. A number of more complex lessons have been developed (the Paint editor) to demonstrate the hidden possibilities of a simple editor. Skills will be useful for electronic communication, school references, reports, various electronic documents, for the creation of exclusive cards for holidays. Or maybe one of them would do something, because the possession of computer graphics did not rule out, but stimulated creativity.
Pedagogical feasibilityThe pedagogical feasibility of this programme is seen as a long-term impact on the identity of the adolescent, as well as the ability to express themselves through computer graphics. Professional computer schedules are generally for children of high school age, students, adults, and most of the training programmes on this subject are designed for at least senior students. But now, middle school-aged children come to informatics, with sufficient basic training and a request to learn to paint on a computer. There was a need to adapt complex material to that age.
ObjectiveExpand children ' s knowledge of computer graphics, design for successful socialization and training.