How To Learn A Computer Schedule

As we continue to publish articles on distance courses conducted by the Centre ' s computer graphics, we give the floor to one of the most creative authors of our courses, Dmitri Fedotov. Dmitri is the author of courses such as Autodesk 3dsMax. The Basic Course, Inter-Year Visualization, Compouzing in EYEON Fusion, and shortly promises to greet all of us with the new very unusual course he himself calls “Fantastic”.

" Theoretically, I should have written only about distance learning and my courses, but it would be a little incomplete. So I'll start with a couple of slogans, and then we'll get to the topic of writing.
What is computer art? He already has a story and a lot of authors. Some have already sought the great "Maybe be" as François Rable said. Some grow up in front of us, coming out of nowhere. There are talents and technically developed artists. There are, sold to the mainestrian, and self-propelled artists who see no boundaries. But there are problems.
Computer paintings are often classified as low, entertaining genres of art. The rare exhibitions of computer artists are in the union of artists on the rights of a poor relative. The idea of an endless multiplying artist's work seems to be the wild owners of galleries and museums of all kinds. And the identity of an artist who paints a computer is associated with sedogenic matrons with under-trains. Maybe they're right about something. Since the information, with a certain mass, begins to accumulate itself, like capital. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find pearls in the mass of “graphic content” every day, and many of the most interesting authors have disappeared unnoticed work of the pupil. But here's the thing. No one has to work for us. No one has to remember us who was cool and who wasn't. We computer artists have no memory. If there is no past, there is no future. That's why I work. Computer graphics school♪ This place is for me to gather knowledge and learn. I mean, computer art schools today are, above all, a gathering of artists who not only have knowledge, but can deliver them qualitatively.
You and I both know that computer painting is the art of real, unqualified. Moreover, computer painting is a unique moment in art history. All computer arts are combined in all combinations and proportions, no worse than classic painting and music, dance, for example, in the opera or ballet. The paintings, the motion, the sound, but that's not all. Computer arts are... ♪