Компьютерная графика

What's The Computer Schedule

- The technology for the creation and processing of graphic images by means of computing equipment. The computer schedule examines the methods of obtaining images from non-visual data or data created directly by the user... ...Financial Dictionary

♪ Creation of works of art (figures, animation, etc.) on the monitor ' s screen using computer software that can be stored electronically (digital or analog) or stamped. [... Repertoire of the Technical Translator

- (MASHINE GRAFICY) (1) The creation of new prints, bar (graphic) images (both black and colour), multiplier images, sophisticated displays of images ...

- Computer images that may exist in the form of printed documents, graphic drawings or multipliers, but the term " C.g. " refers mainly to images displayed on the monitor screen. In memory... Encyclopedia of culture

♪ COMPUTER GRAFICY. Reproducing visual information on the monitor screen. Unlike the image on the paper or the other host, the image created by the computer on the screen can be erased and corrected, squeezed or stretched in any... ... New dictionary of methodological terms and concepts (theory and language teaching practices)

- the formation of black white images of both the flat two-dimensional and obscure three-dimensional space in the orthogonal projection or the stereoscopic prospect by means of special algorithms on the display of the EVM. Images can... Big polish encyclopedia.

- (along with the engine schedule) the area where computers are used both as a tool for synthesizing (developing) images and for processing visual information from the real world. Also a computer schedule... ...Vicipedia

- visualization of the display on the display screen (monitor). Unlike the reproduction of the image on a paper or another medium, the image created on the screen can be erased almost immediately or (and) refrigerated, squeezed or stretched, ...

- kompiuterinė grafika statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. computer graphics vok. Computergraphik, f; graphische Datenverarbeitung, f rus. computer schedule, f; machine schedule, f pranc. infographie, f ... Automatikos terminhal žodynas