Творческая специальность

Where Do The Computer Schedule Go

Alumni characteristic:
3-dimensional visualization and animation specialists, Web-diaine, visual effects for film, television and advertising, sound design and video installation.

Incoming artistic training: desirable

Special features of education:
Students in this area of training are provided with advanced integrated education in the design of the information environment in industry, the economy, masmodies based on an in-depth study of information technologies and basic design knowledge. Considerable attention has been paid to the development of computer graphics and animation, the promotion of taste and the development of artistic and estetic skills.

Subjects studied:

  • Web-design, computer geometry and schedule, animation, 3D modelling, multimedia technologies, computer games
  • Figure, painting, painting, composing theory, colouring, spatial design, branding, printing and printing, design schedule and advertising, artistic photograph
  • Economics, media, advertising technologies, culture, art history
  • two foreign languages

Students ' training is being conducted with the participation of leading SPLP specialists as well as St Petersburg Institutes of Arts. Production practices are carried out in audio and video advertising firms, computer graphs and special effects, in design studios, on television (Fifth Channel, TV) at leading computer and software manufacturers.

International cooperation:
Students have the opportunity to study abroad (Finland, Italy, France, Germany). The cafeteria students have repeatedly participated and become victors and winners of both the Russian competitions (Modulor, Sign, Exhibitions in Lenoxpo) and international (Italy, Poland, Finland, Sweden). In 2009, the Chair gained international recognition by joining CUMULUS, an international organization that brings together world leaders in design and medicinal skills.

Training equipment:
In the course of the training, students use all the possibilities of IMO ' s modern infrastructure, including well-equipped audiences, design studios, computer classes with high-speed Internet access, graphic tablets, modern video and project equipment, specialized laboratories, library.

The authorised Apple Training Centre in St. Petersburg has been set up at the cafeteria and a full-coloured Experiment student magazine is being produced.

Alumni employment areas:

  • information design
  • Electronic commerce
  • design of software interfaces and web-based
  • computer technology in audio and video
  • 3D spatial modelling and design
  • computer schedule and animation
  • Computer Games Industry

Learning time:
Bachelor ' s training - 4 years, Masters - 2 years. Introductory tests with applicants, a job interview is conducted. In competitive selection, preference is given to successful applicants, as well as to the winners and winners of urban olympiads of schoolchildren on computer schedule and animation.