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Where The Computer Schedule Is Used

Video-apping (video-produced for large architectural objects) and computer schedules have long and often been used during urban events and recently in theatre, instead of old-fashioned decorations. Look At Me talked to the computer artist Fedor Aptecare about how computer effects and theater scene are combined, how the special effect engineering team works, and the video that can be found on the iPad.

Личный опыт: Как делают компьютерную графику и видеомаппинг. Изображение № 1. Fedor Aptecare
Computer artist

It's been a long time in advertising, but a few years ago, it started to do computer art and meditation for the theater, for example, the Textura Festival and the Theatre. Fedora ' s latest work is the design of the Voldimir Golina spectacle, which is now premier at the Politeatra. Works on the Russian Visual Artists team.

Informative and lip passport lessons

In the sixth grade, I was sent from school to the district olimpiad on informatics, and I took some sketches on the label. I had an older friend, mostly writing, of course, and I was sitting there. I brought some of these things, and the teacher from that in-depth computer science school said I'd show it to the lab. And then the first time I saw on a computer with a sound map of Second Reality, it was 1993. And it's been really hard since then. At that time, I taught French on the Bluebird book, there was one page of the Canadian passport. I asked Mom to go to the M.R. and make a scan. She brought me a picture, and I'm in the Paint Brush program, which was on the old Windows, and I cut a name on the picsel so that the house could print a Canadian passport. Just like that.

First serious work and first success

I've been in sports marketing for ten years. And everything was so good and successful, and all visual things stayed at the hobby level. In marketing, the most favourite and most awesome event I've ever done was in 2005. At that point, I've been working for eight months at Red Bull, and we've done a Red Bull Revolution Machines on the Vasiliev launch. Athletes from America, Canada and Norway were invited. The next day, Los Angeles Times's frontline looked as follows: a huge title of "Communism is dead" and a picture of Justin Hoer, who makes a Baekflip on a snowstorm against the back of Vasili Blagen. The guys on the couch jumped and salto did.