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Main Areas Of Application Of Computer Graphics

Type of PS: additional generalizing programme

Learning time: 4 weeks (54 hours)

Start date: recruitment

Occupation mode: 4 days a week at 4, 5 hours, from 17.00 to 20.30,

Programme Manager:

Form of training: in-house

Cost of education: 4,000 roubles.

Servants category: for all those wishing to increase their competence in the application of computer programmes, as well as for teachers, artists, pre-school teachers and artists.

Necessary skills: Confident User of PK

Document issued:


The programme familiarizes trainees with the capacity of PK and information and communication technologies to improve research, the rapid development of computer technologies and the possibility of carrying out their creative projects on the Internet. The programme aims to create awareness and information literacy among trainees in the application of PK in pedagogical, scientific and individual creative activities.

Main modules:

  1. Computer schedule
  2. PhotoShop, CorelDraw.
All:4,000 shirtsPayment of parts:2000 shirt
Volume:54 Ac.Teacher ' s hour:140 roubles/hour
Vength:1 monthHuman group10 - 20 persons