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Understanding the general principles of computer processing allows users to better understand and understand the principles computer work programmes. The topic is the basis for further study of information technologies.

Mathematical knowledge is required, but not more school.

  • Main information processes: storage, transfer, processing, submission
  • Number of information: different understandings and measures
  • Coding
  • Computing machine[managed]

  • Theoretical framework
  • Technical support
  • Central Processor
  • Maternal fees, slots and ports
  • Operational memory
  • Entry and withdrawal facilities
  • Data storage devices
  • PK user workplace requirements
  • The word " computer " , which means literally " computer " , and which comes up to computare latitude, is currently not in need of translation: they are widely identified as electronic computing machines, and it is understandable even to the language users in which the computer has its own word. However, in the English version, from which it began to be distributed, the word is more important than before: the person employed in the calculations. In most cases, the calculations were not a separate occupation but part of other occupations. The accountant, engineer, technicians have made substantial efforts to make calculations that are part of their daily work. The computer changes all of this: the calculations are increasingly and more automated, and the professional needs to design and apply a method of calculation.


    The computer is a team executive, it's complicated and usually very reliable. He'll be sure to complete all user teams. But it follows, in particular, that the user has some responsibility for the consequences of these teams. It is inconceivable to blame the computer in misunderstood. The man who works with the computer should be able to command them, and the user interface is a team feed.