Прикладное программное

Applied Software

A computer schedule, just over a decade ago, a former, if not exotic, rather special computer application, is now common.

Any first-time contact with a computer is already at the beginning of the training (if the course is not specifically designed to limit itself to the first phase of the text or pseudographic interface programmes), it is likely that a graphic terminal displaying different graphical elements (including textual information, also displayed in graphical mode) will be met. computer graphics)

Elementary processing (construction and editing) of images (both vector and plant) is among the annexes listed in the " Compulsory minimum content of information technology education " as compulsory for secondary school.

The subject of the training implies that a pupil " understands " in the images he produces or edited in the examination of images, such as the graphic interfaces he already knows. To make this happy learning happen, it seems appropriate to include some initial information on the computer schedule in the introduction to the subject that begins its examination. Regrettably, not all textbooks do so, so the teacher may need some extra effort, but in fact small, because the visual material is " hand " in any computer class.

Vector and vegetation coding

The graphic data coding methods are divided into two categories: the vegetation (the point of the uniformly marked rectangle) and the vector (descriptions of lines and images).

For example, the vegetation of the circumference may be " filled with square 5x5: white point (B), black point (P), C, B, B, B, C, B, B, C, C, B, B, B, B, C, B, C, C, C, C, C, C, B " .

The vector image is quite different: " black circumference with centre (3, 3), radius 2 and line 1 thickness " .

It is important to understand that most computer graphics today are both terminals and scanners and printers, by their very nature, tents. The exception is only graphics (patters) and their industrial kuzans (such as numerical numerical numerals) who are rarely available in the training environment.