Фрактальная графика

Types Of Computer Scheduling Of The Track Schedule

Дизайнер за работой, графикаTypes of computer graphs mean the way the image is stored and displayed on the plane of the monitor. Like any other art, there are specific graphic images on the computer schedule.

These include:

  • Vegetation;
  • vector image;
  • 3-dimensional image;
  • Fractical image;
There's also a symbolic image. It won't work because it's outdated and is virtually non-usable to date. Diesineers work differently with each image using different graphic software packages.

Rapid schedule
It must be said that this type of graph is most common, and this is particularly the case with the characteristics of human perception. The light emitted from the surface of the object is projected on the grid of the eye, where it is perceived by millions of sensible eye cells. There's a coding of a light signal, it's broken into many parts that in turn fall into the brain, where it's perceived as an item.

The same process resembles the tensile schedule when displayed on the computer monitor, only in reverse. The timeline reminds us of a sheet of cage paper or a chess board where any cage is painted in a certain colour, forming (total) a drawing. Basic minimum element of vegetation - PointAnd it's called picsel.

We can compare it to one piece of paper. A multiplicity of picsel (cells) and a vegetated computer image. Here. Rastr is a grid or matrix that consists of points (picels). Rastr has many different characteristics that are recorded by the computer. Two important characteristics are to be remembered: the size and location of the pics, the characteristics that are recorded by the computer. The vegetation file should keep them to create a picture.

Another important characteristic for vegetation is color. For example, the image is described by the specific location and colour of each grid point. Did you see the mosaic penny? So, in the vegetation schedule, these actions are like the creation of a picture of mosaic technology. We'll talk in more detail about the vegetation schedule in the third lesson called the Rapid Schedule.