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What Do You Understand Under Computer Schedule

Interesting story about the computer schedule in modern movies.

And to illustrate the author's talking points.

It turns out that Peter Jackson and the team are quite frank about why the last parts of Hobbit have gone a little... disappointing. It's just that there's no time for the film preparation. Since Jackson replaced Guillermo Del Toro, the entire film had to be redecorated under his vision without any training. The decorations were nearly completed on the day, and many battle scenes were filmed without a scenario and understanding for what they were doing. The further, the more Jackson fucked up, he had to make a movie literally on the move, and there wasn't even time to think, because, every second, someone ran into him and asked what he needed to do.

- zinc

That explains a lot of things, especially with the scumbag at the Five Army Bite, which looked very apocaly against the backdrop of a strong spell at the Lord Coleck.
Computer schedule In my view, it should organically supplement the main components of the film - story, toys of actors, the atmosphere, and not become an end in itself - a beautiful picture of it is now difficult to surprise if the film is empty.