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Computer Schedule Is An Informatic Area That Is Involved

The computer schedule is an informatic area that deals with the problems of obtaining different images (figures, drawings, multipliers) on a computer. Work with a computer schedule is one of the most popular uses of a personal computer, not only professional artists and designers. People from different professions use computer schedules in their work. These are researchers, artists, designers, computer caste specialists, designers, advertisers, web pagers, multimedia presentations, medics, modelers, photographers, video editing specialists. At present, there has been an incredible breakthrough in the modern film industry in the creation of realistic 3D special effects that we can see in television screens, in cinemas and on the Internet. Virtual 3D worlds are so repressed by their realistic and true nature that conquer the hearts of people of all ages and social categories.
The " 3D simulation and design " training provides an opportunity for learners to learn about interior design and three-dimensional animation schedules, to learn to model objects, to create lighting and to add a variety of special effects. Practical work has been selected in such a way that trainees not only re-establish the proposed three-dimensional objects, materials, effects, but also study the professional techniques of the 3D modelling programmes.

Name of education
Direction Technical
Objective Creating and developing creative abilities through the study of 3D graphics and animation using computer technologies.
Age of students 14-18 years
Learning time:
The programme is for 1 year of training 144 acd.h per year
Treatment 2 times a week at 2 hours.
Expected results

The expected result of education for children under the " 3D modelling and design " programme is the development of the child ' s creativity, the development of practical skills in the " 3Ds Max " programme system. In the process of learning, children will be interested in activities related to information technology, memory, thinking, imagination, attention, motivation for educational and creative activities.

After study of the course
will know:
- Occupational safety and health regulations;
- Interface 3Ds Max; basic concepts of three-dimensional graphs;
- The types and means of transforming three-dimensional objects and groups of objects;
- The types of standard and extended architectural objects;
- Methods of production and use of materials;
- The types, designs and rules for the placement of light sources;
- The stages of the interior;
- the basis for the simulation of the interior objects;
General information on animation;
- set up the cameras.

They'll be able to:
- To create three-dimensional objects of varying degrees of complexity and complex three-dimensional scenarios;
- Create realistic interfaces and ecteries, simulate interfaces;
visualize objects and scenes with lighting and materials;
- create simple and complex animation.

Methods for tracking the impact of the educational programme

Introductory diagnostics (September) reveal the level of preparedness and capacity of children to engage in this activity. The first session of the programme is held. The format is testing.

Ongoing monitoring (all school year) - Once every topic has been passed, to identify gaps in the learning and development of learners, ends with a correction of the material used.

Intermediate evaluation - conducted in mid-year (December) on topics studied, sections. ♪ ♪

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